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Platform V.3 has arrived! ionomy now serves as a full-featured Crypto Hub with a Multi-Asset Exchange, Multi-Coin Masternode Hosting, and a new kind of tradable asset: Sharenodes.

ionomy: The Business of Fun

ionomy’s mission is to facilitate synergies between cryptocurrency and digital games. ionomy achieves this by developing a robust gaming and financial infrastructure. The ionomy PWR-GRD helps game developers easily integrate blockchain technology to stimulate use and development and fully leverage their game’s inclusion in the ION community.

ionomy’s gorgeous new web platform offers tools and services including an ultrafast exchange, next-gen masternode hosting, and Sharenode innovation. Not only will these new services expand and diversify ION and ionomy participation, they will also strengthen the essential foundation for tokenized gaming and incentivized gaming through the PWR-GRD.

ionomy.com is the meeting place of cryptoasset commerce, social game play, and the game developer community.

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Over the past two weeks, ionomy has published five news posts about the new features and functions on the new platform. Click the links to learn more:

ionomy Exchange

ionomy platform 3.0 features a redesigned multi-asset trading platform. The Alchemy exchange will initially support Bitcoin pairings with ION, LTC, DASH, and PIVX. The exchange will add more tokens on the ION blockchain including Dark Matter (XDM), ATOMs, Offroad Heat (HEAT), and other gaming tokens. Going forward, the community will vote to select which other assets will be added to the exchange.

Masternode Hosting

If you had hosted masternodes on the legacy platform, check out the new system for on-site full-service hosting. The new masternode system offers faster setup, improved automated maintenance, and greater stability, Advanced users will want to check out Remote Hosting options for maximum control.

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