ExclusiveCoin (EXCL) now listed on ionomy Exchange. Celebrate with ionomy's first Trading Competition, 2x Sharenode payouts, and Airdrops!

Welcome ExclusiveCoin (EXCL)

True to its name, ExclusiveCoin (EXCL) has a limited supply of under 6.6 million coins. Established in 2014, ExclusiveCoin is a masternode coin using Proof of Stake (PoS) network security protocol.

EXCL is now on ionomy Exchange with a BTC trading pair. ExclusiveCoin Sharenodes (EXCLsx) are also now trading. To celebrate, there are 3 great promos:

  • Trading Competition
  • Sharenode Double Payout
  • Airdrops

ionomy's first trading competition!

This 30-day trading competition rewards the Top 5 accounts in trading volume. Details below.

Sharenode double payout promo

Sharenodes are like masternodes, but much more flexible and accessible. Through Sharenodes, anyone can buy a fraction of a masternode rewards pool, entitling holders to earn a proportional share of daily masternode rewards. The Sharenode market makes it easy to trade in or out of Sharenodes. As a special welcome to ExclusiveCoin, ionomy will make double payouts for EXCLsx rewards for the first month. Sharenode market will go live Tuesday.


2500 locked ExclusiveCoin Sharenodes (EXCLsxl) will be airdropped to ionomy accounts holding at least 100 ATOMS. Holders will earn sharenode rewards through daily payouts. The rewards can be traded and withdrawn any time. The Sharenodes become unlocked after the Trading Competition is complete.

Trading competition structure

Accounts with the top 5 highest 30-day EXCL-BTC trading volume will win EXCL prizes. For trades to count towards the competition, the buy-side account must be independent of the sell-side account. Accounts with custom commissions are excluded from participation. Users with ionomy subscriptions, of course, are still eligible and get 50% off trading commissions.

Competition starts Friday, July 16th, 0:00 UTC and ends Sunday, August 15th, 0:00 UTC.

Top Volume 
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