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ionosphere 2/15

New release coming to testnet As the fork draws closer, there is more testing, more documentation and more review needed to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. It can be a laborious process, but also a necessary one for where the ION blockchain is heading in 2020 and

ionosphere: 1/31

ION is rebasing to Dash! Here's what you need to know.♊️ Revolutionary POW/POS hybrid consensus 🔒 Enhanced security 📉 Deflationary factors ⛏ Token mining POW/POS hybrid consensus The ION network is currently secured by a Proof of Stake protocol (staking with masternodes). The Dash network is currently secured by Proof of

ionosphere: 1/24

The fork that brings ION to a DASH base will be here soon. Here are a few details about how the rebase will benefit the ION blockchain:Say hello to DASH The cryotosphere may still be in its infancy, but enough time has passed, including notable market fluctuation across the

ionosphere: 1/17

2020 is here and it's time to look forward to a slew of announcements, updates, and releases! Here is a rundown of what's coming up:February fork with IIP6 implementation The ION blockchain is ready to enter the next phase of its development and evolution. After the proposal won community