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ionosphere: 3/19

ionomy platform welcomes HIVE and WGR Sharenode trading. All Sharenode trading is commission free for a limited time! All HIVE trading is commission free for a limited time! HIVE/BTC trading pair HIVE is the new Steem fork for an independent, decentralized publishing platform. ionomy is no stranger to the

ionosphere: 3/13

🆕 ION 5 is here! Try it on testnet ➡️ Self-host an ION masternode 🔐 ionomy withdrawals upgraded ↔️ SLX is now BYTZ ℹ️ Getting ready for upcoming fork ION 5.0.1 now available on testnet Want to get a sneak peak at the new Dash-based version of the ION blockchain? A new

ionosphere: 3/3

The era of Dark Matter (XDM) is now upon us. This deflationary utility token will be released on the ION blockchain via airdrops that begin Friday, March 6, 2020. The first recipients will be those who hold ATOMs - you know who you are. Want to get in on these

ionosphere: 2/28

ionomy’s backend developers have new leadership, and the team has jumped right in to prepare ionomy for integration with Game Grid. The developers are doing amazing work redesigning and reorganizing the inner workings of the ionomy platform. A staged migration is now underway. The upgrade process will require temporary

ionosphere: 2/21

First XDM airdrops coming March 6! Plus, ionomy adds additional developer resources, and an update on mining!Heads up! Airdrop alert! Starting on March 6, 2020, those who hold the ATOM asset will begin to receive airdrops of Dark Matter (XDM). Dark Matter is a deflationary token with a very