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ionosphere: 11/8

GameGrid provides integration of proven game incentivization with just a few clicks. GameGrid beta report If you’ve been following the ionomy community feed on Twitter or Discord, then you’ve already gotten a sneak peak of GameGrid in action. It is now a proven fact that just a couple

ionosphere: 11/1

Check out the preview of ION's upcoming Electron Wallet app. It's got the token integration you'll need. Gorgeous and powerful. Also: consider an ionomy subscription. Great benefits for platform users.

ionosphere: 10/25

GameGrid enters beta! GameGrid platform makes it easy for game developers to add tournaments with crypto rewards. Enterprise-level account controls, yet simple enough for independent projects. Plus, ionomy Exchange celebrates first anniversary.

ionosphere: 10/18

DarkMatter is poised to go live as the first token on the ION blockchain! Dive in for a review. Check out masternode stats and Sharenode trading.

ionosphere: 10/11

The ION ecosystem is firing on all cylinders. The community voted to adopt IIP 6, greenlighting deflation for ION. GameGrid, the crypto tournament platform for game developers, approaches beta. And ionomy Studios' upcoming new game has already integrated the new API.