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ionosphere: 10/18

DarkMatter is poised to go live as the first token on the ION blockchain! Dive in for a review. Check out masternode stats and Sharenode trading.

ionosphere: 10/11

The ION ecosystem is firing on all cylinders. The community voted to adopt IIP 6, greenlighting deflation for ION. GameGrid, the crypto tournament platform for game developers, approaches beta. And ionomy Studios' upcoming new game has already integrated the new API.

First tokens go live: XDM & ATOM

ION 4.0 activates the Atomic Token Protocol (ATP)! Dark Matter (XDM) and ATOM tokens are the first native tokens on the ION blockchain. Now it's your turn! Let your imagination run wild and create a token of your own.

Deflationary Drivers: IIP 6

ION Improvement Proposal 6 (IIP 6) chokes off inflation and introduces new services and fee structures that drive deflation. This proposal marks the biggest shift in ION's monetary policy to date, simultaneously improving ION as a store of value and increasing the blockchain's utility. Vote now!