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Dark Matter Token Live

Dark Matter on the ION blockchain is live Withdrawals and deposits active on ionomy Exchange. The Atomic Token Protocol (ATP) revolution begins! Withdrawals and deposits ionomy Exchange has activated Dark Matter (XDM) withdrawals and deposits, so users can now transfer their XDM token balance to an ION blockchain wallet. Don't

ionosphere: 1/17

2020 is here and it's time to look forward to a slew of announcements, updates, and releases! Here is a rundown of what's coming up: February fork with IIP6 implementation The ION blockchain is ready to enter the next phase of its development and evolution. After the proposal won community

ionosphere: 12/5

The hard fork, scheduled for February 11, will rebase to DASH, curb inflation, and implement POTX verification protocol to begin era of deflationary ION. Fork brings holiday bounty of new features and releases As if we weren’t all busy enough, with the holiday season already at full throttle! Get