The hard fork, scheduled for February 11, will rebase to DASH, curb inflation, and implement POTX verification protocol to begin era of deflationary ION.

Fork brings holiday bounty of new features and releases

As if we weren’t all busy enough, with the holiday season already at full throttle! Get ready for a sleigh-full of new releases, features and updates coming to the ION blockchain and the ionomy platform. Here’s a quick summary of what’s coming up:

  • February 11, 2020 is ‘fork date’ and will bring exciting and important changes across the ION ecosystem. Most notable among these is the rebase to DASH for increased security and stability.
  • The fork will also start IIP6 implementation with POTX being used to verify every transaction on the ionomy platform. Each verification will contribute deflationary pressure on the ION supply, concentrating value. The fork will also include a revised block reward schedule to reduce inflation.

Roadmap update

The February fork is just the beginning of what is expected to be a very active 2020. The Roadmap has now been updated to show what’s in store. GameGrid will arrive with enterprise-level tournament, leaderboard and head-to-head plus crypto integration. Quick Shift Racing will bring crypto to the drag strip. And that’s just the first quarter. Looking into the future just a little sees the ATP token interface incorporated in a brand new electron wallet app, plus new trading pairs in the exchange, XDM airdrops and much more.

ION now runs a Lightning Node

When it comes to bitcoin transactions, users have grown accustomed to substantial delays and unpredictable fees while the network goes through confirmation and verification. Lightning is the technology developed to make all blockchain transactions move along faster. ionomy now maintains a lightning channel and is testing its integration with the Exchange for faster withdrawals at lower cost. Full integration is targeted for Q3.

AMA on Discord with Adam Matlack

Chief Strategist Adam Matlack will join the community for an AMA on Discord on Monday, December 9, 2019 at 8pm UTC. Stop by to get even more details about all the exciting news coming with the fork and beyond.