ionomy January releases include GameGrid platform, a crypto drag racing game to show off Gamegrid's capabilities, and new token-integrated wallet app.

With so much new stuff coming down the pike, ionomy hosted a live AMA on Discord with the amazing ionomy community. Here are some of the highlights:

GameGrid scheduled to arrive January

The next ionomy milestone will be the release of GameGrid. GameGrid is a free-standing platform designed for independent game developers and enterprise game studios. The expected release is mid-January 2020.

GameGrid will arrive with Quick Shift Racing, a crypto drag racing game that will make full use of GameGrid for leaderboards and head-to-head tournaments. Crypto payouts will be managed by the new GameGrid architecture. All ionomy studios titles, including Crypto Gravity, Offroad Heat, and The Moon or Bust will eventually migrate to GameGrid.

Electron wallet includes tokens!

Quick on the heels of GameGrid's release will be the electron wallet app. This will not only provide a full range of custodial services, but will also provide a graphic user interface for the Atomic Token Protocol. That means no more command line inputs. Users will be able to make detailed token configuration right from the wallet!

The host with the most

ionomy is redesigning its masternode hosting services. By reengineering the underlying technology, ionomy will offer an even better user experience and more competitive pricing. As ionomy supports a growing number of masternode projects, hosting services are expected to attract more users to the platform and the exchange.

So much more...

ionomy knows that utility is the key to sustainable and increasing value. That's why the building continues. 2020 is shaping up to be a fun year where XDM airdrops and GameGrid partnerships bring even more people to the platform. There will also be a front-end update for, a rebase to DASH, IIP6 implementation, and more!