Dark Matter on the ION blockchain is live

  • Withdrawals and deposits active on ionomy Exchange.
  • The Atomic Token Protocol (ATP) revolution begins!

Withdrawals and deposits

ionomy Exchange has activated Dark Matter (XDM) withdrawals and deposits, so users can now transfer their XDM token balance to an ION blockchain wallet. Don't have any? Get some.

The token revolution begins!

Now anyone can create tokens on the ION blockchain.

Create tokens

Create tokens in four easy steps. An easy-to-use token creation tool is under development and slated for release in Q4.

The most powerful token framework

Atomic Token Protocol (ATP) is the only permissionless token system on the bitcoin family of blockchains. Competing token systems claim to be permissionless, but have a dirty secret: even if you hold their tokens, they're never really yours. ATP tokens are different. If you own the private key to your token, no one can take it from you or freeze transactions. ATP tokens are censorship-resistant and grant holders genuine sovereignty over their valuable assets.

All the power of blockchain

Tokens created on the ION blockchain are as secure and sovereign as the ION cryptocurrency itself. That’s saying a lot because the ION 5 blockchain now employs a dual security protocol, combining Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) for an impregnable network.

Permissionless. Censorship-resistant. Pseudonymous. Secure. These properties grant anyone using ATP tokens the ability to transact with confidence.

Flexible protocol

ION's token system gives users unprecedented flexibility in designing tokens. At a basic level, users can design tokens in any amount, determining if they can be minted (if more can be created or if the supply is capped) or melted (if tokens can ever be destroyed).

ATP also allows users to create "child tokens." These subtokens can be customized to adapt to use myriad cases, from gaming to ticketing to finance.

At the most advanced levels, developers can build tokens with their own monetary policy. Dark Matter is the best example. From the start, only a tiny amount exists and no more can ever be created. Not only that, XDM is deflationary. The more the token system is used, the faster the XDM supply decreases. What's more, Atoms tokens actually get a portion of every Dark Matter network fee. This is the first instance of a cross-asset reward system.

Get creative!

Design your dream token and bring it to life on the ION blockchain. The ION Wiki walks you through the process, step by step.