Get ready for a whole new ionomy

ION is growing! Bursting at the seams with new functions, 3.0 goes beyond simply ION to support popular cryptoassets and deliver powerful features. Over the next few days, we’ll walk you through the highlights.

Alchemy multi-asset exchange

ionomy platform 3.0 features a redesigned multi-asset trading platform. The Alchemy exchange will initially support Bitcoin pairings with ION, LTC, DASH, and PIVX. The exchange will add more tokens on the ION blockchain including Dark Matter (XDM), ATOMs, Offroad Heat (HEAT), and other gaming tokens. Going forward, the community will vote to select which other assets will be added to the exchange.

Familiar and intuitive trading

The look and feel of the exchange will be familiar and intuitive to traders of all levels. Straightforward market and limit orders. Clear, informative charts convey market movement.

Fast, Scalable, Advanced

The exchange is also loaded with advanced features that bring a new level of convenience and engagement.

  • Experienced traders can post conditional orders.
  • Integrated charting tools facilitate technical analysis on the fly.
  • An account API secures automated and remote trading.
  • The exchange engine is fast: millisecond order matching facilitates atomic transactions.
  • Alchemy is scalable so ionomy can accommodate its expanding user base.
  • Advanced features crafted to be fully functional on mobile as well as desktop.
Subscribe and save

ionomy subscribers save 50% on trading and hosting fees, a benefit that ionomy users will find quickly pays for itself.

Multi-Asset Wallets

Everyone with an ionomy account gets a free online wallet for each asset. In today’s flourishing cryptocurrency space, customers naturally need a place to store, manage, and exchange all their assets. But these aren’t your ordinary web wallets. You’re gonna love the wallet’s design and features — perfect for crypto wealth management.

Home for your Crypto

ionomy is quickly becoming the hub for your financial and gaming life. Welcome home.