A whole new ionomy gets closer every day

The launch of ionomy Platform 3.0 is drawing near. Redesigned from the ground up, Version 3 provides multi-coin masternode hosting options. In this post we break down these powerful masternode new features and functionality.

Multi-Asset Masternode services

ionomy.com 3.0 will offer ION and PIVX Masternode Hosting from launch. DASH and others will follow. All of the mechanics of server management and setup are handled through ionomy. As with all aspects of the ionomy 3.0 platform update, multi-asset masternode hosting is both functional and beautiful.

Full Range Hosting Options

ionomy offers more options than ever for masternode hosting. Choose between Onsite Hosting (fully managed keys) or Remote-Activated (user managed keys) masternode services.

For everyone:

  • Onsite masternode hosting offers the ultimate in convenience; ionomy assumes all aspects of server and key management.
  • Rewards are scraped daily to the address you specify. Set it and forget it.
  • Monitor your masternode rewards and status at a glance with easy-to-read charts.

For advanced users:

  • Remote masternode hosting allows the customer to retain full control of their private keys.
  • ionomy sets up and maintains the server; you activate the masternode from your own local wallet.
  • Remote-activated masternode will pay directly to your local controller wallet.
Up next: Sharenodes

Don’t have enough ION, PIVX, or DASH to run a full masternode on your own? Stay tuned for updates on the ‘Sharenode’ asset, our innovative take on shared masternodes. Whether you’ve got a lot of crypto or not, ionomy can help you maximize rewards.