A new asset class debuts on ionomy platform 3.0

The future of ionomy is almost here

With public access to Platform 3.0 right around the corner, this dispatch previews ionomy’s next extraordinary innovation: Sharenodes. Sharenodes are both a tradeable asset and a way to facilitate fractional ownership in shares of a masternode pool.

Introducing Sharenodes

Maximize asset growth through Sharenode rewards, no matter how much you own. Daily payouts to your account are based on the actual rewards won by the Sharenode pool. Payouts are proportional to your share. Buy into a Sharenode and start earning right away!

Convenient and flexible way to earn

Sharenodes provide the financial benefits of running a Masternode, plus all the privileges of owning a tradable asset. Buy and sell ION Sharenodes (IONSX) any time on the market. PIVX and DASH Sharenodes are also available at launch, with more to follow.

Strength in numbers

Running a Masternode has always been a reliable way to earn ION, PIVX, and DASH rewards. For many, however, the high cost of collateral — 1,000 to 20,000 coins depending on the asset — is a huge barrier. Through Sharenodes, ionomy harnesses the power of its community to break down that barrier and lets more users start earning the best rewards available in the ecosystem.

Access plus consistent rewards

The primary benefit of pooling resources is access: you don’t need to own huge amounts of coin to earn great rewards. Additionally, as the masternode pool grows, the reward distribution becomes more regular, making payouts more consistent.