Changes coming

We’re really excited about the launch of Platform 3.0. It’s packed with exciting new features and services. Scroll down to read recent news posts detailing these great features. Before V3 goes live, we need you to redirect any recurring payments to your legacy receiving addresses. Your balances won’t change, but your addresses will. Here’s what you need to know:

Got a balance? Same as it ever was.

When you upgrade to ionomy Platform Version 3.0, all your ION, BTC, and ATOM balances will be ported over. So will your gaming assets like lives, shots, and nitro. Your balances do not change. You will get a free web wallet for every asset ionomy hosts.

Legacy ION and BTC addresses expire with Platform 3.0

Every legacy ionomy account was assigned a unique default BTC and ION receiving address. Users were able to generate more addresses also associated with their accounts. All of those addresses will expire. They will no longer be associated with your ionomy V.3 account.

What do you need to do?

When Platform 3.0 goes live, your old ION and BTC addresses will no longer be associated with your account. If you have any recurring transactions sent to those addresses, please change the receiving address ASAP. Once V.3 goes live, your account will not be credited with any funds sent to the legacy receiving addresses. Your V.3 account will automatically be assigned a new default address for each asset.


To repeat: If you have recurring payments directed to your wallet addresses, please redirect any recurring payments now.