ionomy is upgrading all user accounts as Platform Version 3 goes live. Access to will be paused for the upgrade on Tuesday, October 9th from 2-4 PM UTC. ionomy now serves as a full-featured Crypto Hub with a Multi-Asset Exchange, Multi-Coin Masternode Hosting, and a new kind of tradable asset: Sharenodes.

Upgrade your account! Here’s how.

Got a balance? Same as it ever was.

When you upgrade, all your ION, BTC, and ATOM balances will be ported over. So will your gaming assets like lives, shots, and nitro. You will get a free web wallet for every asset ionomy hosts.

What do you need to do? When Platform 3.0 goes live, your old ION and BTC addresses will no longer be associated with your account. Please redirect any recurring payments to a new receiving address now. Once V.3 goes live, your account will no longer be credited with any funds sent to legacy receiving addresses.

Sharenodes replace Stakers

If you have active Stakers from the legacy platform, your account will be credited with the principal balance for the stakers.

What do you need to do? You can choose how you want to manage your account balance. ionomy introduces Sharenodes as a great upgrade for Stakers. Sharenodes offer ownership in a pool of Masternodes hosted by ionomy. Owning Sharenodes is a great way to get regular rewards. Now available on the Shared Asset (SX) Exchange for ION, DASH, and PIVX.

Masternode Hosting

If you had hosted masternodes on the legacy platform, your masternodes will be seamlessly ported over to the new system for on-site full-service hosting. The new masternode system offers faster setup, improved automated maintenance, and greater stability, Advanced users will want to check out Remote Hosting options for maximum control.

What do you need to do? When V.3 goes live, set your preferred scrape address to redirect masternode rewards. Note that when your existing masternodes renew, they’ll renew at the new price structure. We recommend getting a subscription for 50% off hosting! Check out Masternode Hosting options for ION and PIVX. Dash Hosting will follow.

You’re gonna want a subscription

Everyone using the ionomy platform on a regular basis will want a subscription because subscribers get major discounts, access to exclusive services, and early-access to newly developed tools and services. For example: Subscriptions give you much better pricing on masternode hosting and exchange fees. A subscription is required to trade Sharenodes (SX) on the Shared Asset exchange.

What do you need to do? Not a thing. Active subscriptions carry over from the legacy platform. Your account on the new platform will be credited with an equal dollar amount of days remaining based on the original purchase, adjusted for the subscription price on the new platform. You’ll get an email notice when your subscription is about to expire.

One-way ticket to the Future

All accounts will be upgraded to the new platform. Once you migrate, you can’t go back. For a limited time, the legacy site will be in view-only mode, then will be discontinued altogether. If you opt out of account migration to the new platform, please contact [email protected] and the support team will help you resolve your account. Of course, with all these new features and functions, we’re pretty confident you’ll want to see what all the excitement is about.

ionomy 3.0 — the new destination for crypto and gaming services