You’re gonna love the new ION wallet.

ION presents a preview of a snappy new wallet that is, elegant and feature-packed, replacing the clunky Qt wallet for a more intuitive user experience.

  • Powerful coin control
  • Intuitive xION privacy features
  • Streamlined masternode setup and management
  • Next generation token management
  • Game asset integration
  • Modern HTML5 standards-based framework
  • 100% localized and secure

Did we mention it’s gorgeous? Check out the screenshots below for a first look at the new wallet.

Coming to a computer near you Fall 2018!

Easy access wallet settings make customization a snap.

Manage tokens like Dark Matter (XDM), Offroad Heat (HEAT), ATOMs, and Electrons (ELEC). Create new tokens on the ION blockchain and manage directly from the wallet.

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