ionomy implements the Atomic Token Protocol (ATP) on the ION blockchain.

Developed by ION Core's Fornax A, on the basis of Andrew Stone's Group Tokenization proposal (originally created for BCH), ION's token system advances the ION gaming ecosystem.

ION’s token system is an implementation of the Atomic Token Protocol. ATP was adapted from the "GROUP Tokenization" protocol, designed by renowned blockchain developer Andrew Stone.

Stone, Lead Developer for Bitcoin Unlimited, wrote the design specification and coded the initial implementation for a token system proposal that was considered for adoption by Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

When BCH ultimately went a different direction wtih their token system, ION picked up the ideas and ran with them, transforming Stone’s robust proposal into a reality that perfectly suits the needs of the ION gaming ecosystem.

ION Core Developer, Fornax A, built upon Stone’s sturdy foundation. Fornax A extended the original ideas, innovating completely new functions, ultimately delivering an extraordinarily powerful and secure token system.

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