"The Darkest Hour" Approaches

The crowdsale ends at some unspecified moment on Sunday, June 16th. At the moment the sale ends, the unsold supply allocated for the IEO will be removed from the market. We’re calling this, “The Darkest Hour.”

Buy it or burn it!

Any unsold portion will be provably burned after the full 71,000 supply is generated. Burning the unsold portion could constitute a hyper-deflationary event that will ripple through the Dark Matter tokenomics. If a portion is burned, then everyone who bought owns an even greater proportion of the XDM network.

Get ready to trade

Immediately after the crowdsale ends, the XDM/ION trading pair will become a free market. Shortly after the XDM/ION trading pair goes live, a new XDM/BTC trading pair will also open on the ionomy Exchange.