The era of Dark Matter (XDM) is now upon us. This deflationary utility token will be released on the ION blockchain via airdrops that begin Friday, March 6, 2020. The first recipients will be those who hold ATOMs - you know who you are. Want to get in on these airdrops? See below for info on getting ATOMs in time for XDM.

Dark Matter: an asset like no other

There is no other asset that so perfectly harmonizes utility and economic policy for the purpose of creating a store of value that is supremely suited to gain value. The formula is not complex and is based on scarcity. Dark Matter’s economic policy starts with a deflationary fee structure where a large portion of each fee (80%!) is burned and removed from circulation, thus concentrating value.

Also, XDM is a limited supply token. No more than 71,000 XDM will ever exist. And with deflationary tokenomics, the number just goes down from there.

The other side of the coin (token) is Dark Matter’s utilitarian value proposition. Thanks to the Atomic Token Protocol that is being deployed on the ION blockchain, literally anyone can configure their own tokens. These can be used for gaming economies, fundraising, and any number of other applications. And this is where XDM comes in. In order to create a token, you need to pay a small fee that must be denominated in XDM. Dark Matter is the fuel that powers the Atomic Token Protocol (ATP).

These two sides go together perfectly: token management is the first use case for tokens on the ION blockchain, and helps drive XDM deflation. For more information and to read the white paper, visit

Airdrops are here

A Dark Matter presale was held in 2019 which included unique price discovery, and accounted for over 20,000 XDM. Now airdrops are beginning, and the first recipients are ATOMs. Ten percent of the total XDM supply is being airdropped in this initial round, for a total of 7,100 XDM.

The ATOMs airdrops are actually being broken up into ten mini rounds whereby 710 XDM will be distributed each month for ten months. The distribution model is proportional, meaning that the more ATOMs you hold, the more XDM you’ll get. It also means that every ATOM holder will get some amount of XDM.

Woah, how do I get these ATOMs?

ATOMs are currently a ledger asset that is trading on the exchange at There are only a few days left before the airdrop is activated. The exact time will be specified within days, but anyone wanting ATOMs is advised to act as soon as possible. If you have a standing order pending at the time of airdrop activation, you will get your XDM. But if you have a live offer and someone buys your ATOMs at the last moment, they get the airdrop, not you. ATOMs can be purchased with ION or BTC on the ionomy Exchange.

The future of XDM airdrops

ATOM and XDM tokens currently exist both on the ionomy platform and on the blockchain. As ionomy upgrades are completed, tokens will be integrated for withdrawals and deposits. Once that happens, the ION Core Coin Development Team will implement on-chain airdrops. Assets held on ionomy will still get the airdrops, of course, but the chain will get them first and then ionomy will distribute them on-platform.