ionomy’s backend developers have new leadership, and the team has jumped right in to prepare ionomy for integration with Game Grid. The developers are doing amazing work redesigning and reorganizing the inner workings of the ionomy platform.

A staged migration is now underway. The upgrade process will require temporary outages of certain services until all the pipes are reconnected.

Withdrawals and markets to stay online

Withdrawals and markets will continue to work. Most withdrawals proceed automatically, but occasionally must be processed manually. The team is committed to completing withdrawals in a timely fashion.

Deposit addresses changing

All accounts will be assigned a new stable deposit address. The old stable addresses will be retired. If you have any routine deposits pointed to ionomy, please update to the new address once it has been assigned.

Timed addresses

The timed address service is in maintenance and will resume after system upgrades.

Hosted masternodes

Fully hosted masternodes continue to work. Payouts may be delayed, but the rewards are being held in reserve for account holders. Masternode management functions may be temporarily limited for some coins. Please contact [email protected] if needed for node management.


Sharenodes will continue to operate, but payments may be delayed. Rewards are held in reserve for account payouts upon system upgrade.

To make sure that current users get the rewards they are owed, the ION Sharenode market is suspended.


While some changes are necessary for GameGrid integration, the upgrades will also make the platform faster, more automated, and more secure.