First XDM airdrops coming March 6! Plus, ionomy adds additional developer resources, and an update on mining!

Heads up! Airdrop alert!

Starting on March 6, 2020, those who hold the ATOM asset will begin to receive airdrops of Dark Matter (XDM). Dark Matter is a deflationary token with a very limited supply. It is also the key to making tokens on ION blockchain. Click below to learn more.

Increased manpower for ionomy

The ION blockchain is getting ready to enter the next phase of its evolution with the upcoming Dash rebase. Not to be outdone, the ionomy platform is slated to see, not just new releases such as GameGrid and POTX, but also improvements across the spectrum that will enhance security, performance and reliability.

To that end, ionomy has supplemented the team, adding two new developers who will contribute on a full-time basis. Expect more reports as the ionomy platform experience goes onward and upward in 2020.

First mining results a success!

During the past few weeks ION team members have started to utilize the radical hybrid algorithm that will come with the Dash rebase. In particular, the Proof of Work portion (Dash X11) has now yielded fruit with the minting of token rewards.

Token mining will bring a singularly "crypto" experience that recalls the earliest days of BTC. Only this time, the rewards will be part of a kaleidoscopic ecosystem that branches out from the ION blockchain in every direction imaginable.

Keep an eye out for your chance to test mining on the new ION blockchain.