The fork that brings ION to a DASH base will be here soon. Here are a few details about how the rebase will benefit the ION blockchain:

Say hello to DASH

The cryotosphere may still be in its infancy, but enough time has passed, including notable market fluctuation across the entire industry, so that a lot of projects now have a concrete track record. Dash is one of those projects. There is now objective evidence from which one can assess the success so far. And this doesn't just mean market price.

DASH was created in 2014 and currently advertises its fast transactions and low fees. The network is secured by masternodes but, unlike other masternodes networks, uses a proof of work algorithm.

Over the past several years, the DASH development community has been proven to be responsive and forward-thinking, continuing innovation while at the same time maintaining the highest security.

Keep pushing the envelope

The ION Core team does not rest on its laurels. By constantly asking how to make the blockchain better for the existing community and scalable for the future, the team understands the unique opportunities for improvement that only exist in cryptocurrency. For example, if you need to change the framing of your house, you have to knock it down. With blockchain, you can not only modify, but actually replace the framing without any risk to the network.

This new 'framing' will bring greater sophistication and versatility to the ION blockchain. Existing services such as tokens and GameGrid, will be more deeply integrated into the chain itself. This degree of customization will also lead to more opportunities that can be actualized, in addition to the benefits for ionomy's existing tech.

Deeper integration

Shortly, GameGrid and the Electron wallet app will be available for general release. The revised schedule means that the first public versions will be fully compatible with the rebase. You are going to like how these work right out of the gate.