Join the Token Testnet to preview ION's new token system and give your feedback to help development. ION's implementation of the Atomic Token Protocol (ATP) transforms the ION ecosystem at every level. At a core level, ION Masternodes and ATOM tokens get Dark Matter (XDM) rewards. Game devs can tokenize in-game assets and currency. And gamers can trade tokens.

Token Testnet is now open to the public.

ION enters a new era

The public Token Testnet release marks the beginning of a new era in ION development. ION's token system is an implementation of the Atomic Token Protocol (ATP). ATP makes ION the first cryptocurrency with a cross-asset reward system.

ATP also makes ION the first cryptocurrency in the Bitcoin family (the collection of coins forked from Bitcoin Core) to feature a token system that allows truly unmediated ownership and transfers.

Atomic Token Protocol (ATP)

ION developed the Atomic Token Protocol because it's powerful, secure, and extensible. Stay tuned for future posts that explain ATP's full capacities. Here are just a few of the features ION users will appreciate.

It's easy to create, send, and receive tokens. Try it out! The testnet version requires a little more willingness to dive in to the command line. Future versions will feature familiar graphic user interfaces built into the wallet. The ionomy platform, too, will offer an easy-to-use interface.

Total transparency
You can verify how many Dark Matter (XDM) testnet tokens exist. You can audit the blockchain to prove that the authority to mint more ATOM testnet tokens has been permanently eliminated.

Extraordinary Control & Security
ION tokens give owners extraordinary control over their tokens. You can export private keys for addresses that hold tokens (like XDM and ATOM), then import the key into another wallet. As long as you control your private key, you control your tokens.

Create your own token!

Create any token you like. It's free on testnet. The testnet sandbox is the perfect place to play around.

When you preview ION’s token system on public testnet, there's so much you can do. Test the features. Try to lose your tokens. (Yes, that's a challenge!) Test out the transparency claims. See for yourself how everything works.

Contribute to open source development

You don't have to be a coder to make a valuable contribution to ION development. Feedback from your experience guides developers to solve user interface problems, squash bugs, and improve the end product.

Token rollout

Over the next several months, ionomy will be rolling out plenty of token news, XDM airdrops, and ION code releases.

  • The addition of tokens is the most significant upgrade yet to the ION blockchain.

  • ATP gives Dark Matter its independent deflationary monetary policy.

  • ATP solves the "free rider" problem and keeps the ION network sustainable by making it possible to charge fees denominated in Dark Matter (XDM) to create new tokens.

  • ATP faciliates the distribution of XDM fees to ION Masternodes and ATOM tokens, shaping a whole new set of incentives in the ecosystem.

  • ATP also allows anyone, even without technical or coding knowledge, to create tokens that are embedded in the ION blockchain. These tokens all have a status that is almost equal to that of the core cryptocurrency, ION.

  • ATP facilitates XDM airdrops!

Token Testnet is the first step in the rollout of a major series of developments in the ecosystem. Stay tuned for additional information detailing the benefits of Atomic Token Protocol, its history, and its potential.

Bringing tokens to life on mainnet will require a hard fork. Future posts will walk you through the steps.