Round up of resources for understanding tokens, plus an update on Quick Shift Racing!

Token discussions

As release of the Electron wallet app draws closer, the ability to configure tokens will be broadly democratized because the Atomic Token Protocol (ATP) is baked directly into the wallet. With tokens there is a limitless universe of possibilities. It can be a lot to wrap your head around. Here are a few resources that discuss the tech and implications of tokens:

Quick Shift Racing production update

Crypto is coming to the dragstrip with Quick Shift Racing, now in development from ionomy Studios. This is not just a generic drag racing game with crypto bolted on. On the contrary, QSR will be offering an unprecedented amount of car control not previously seen in mobile drag racing games. And, of course, QSR will act as a showcase for the enterprise level functionality of GameGrid.

Stay tuned for more samples of what you can expect from Quick Shift Racing.