The ionomy Exchange continues its bold expansion with more trading pairs — and many more to come. The following markets are now live:


Plus, ionomy team is gearing up to help fight COVID-19.

ionomy platform welcomes Ethereum!

The ionomy Exchange now features support for Ethereum. Adding Ethereum to the platform not only means that another hugely popular crypto is available at the ionomy Exchange. It also means that the platform is now ready to support the entire universe of ERC-20 tokens! Click below to trade ETH/BTC now.

More support for even more assets!

Last week ionomy became one of the first exchanges to support the HIVE asset. HIVE is the cryptocurrency that drives an incentivized publishing platform that rewards quality content. ionomy now offers two HIVE trading pairs: with BTC and ION.

Because HIVE is a fork of Steem, it was only natural for the platform to also offer support for that asset. Users can now trade on the STEEM/BTC market.

ionomy is actively building additional support for the HIVE community with more assets and more pairings. Stay tuned!

Join ionomy in fighting COVID-19

We are living in unprecedented times and ionomy is starting to do its part to help fight the worldwide pandemic. There is already an ionomy team for Folding@Home, a project that employs decentralized computing power to perform the massive amount of calculations needed to research a cure as soon as possible.

Please join ionomy by donating your spare computing power. It's easy to get started. Navigate to folding@home and click the "Start Folding" button.

Once you download the app, choose ionomy_crypto_exchange's Team ID number: 254545

If you want to monitor your own contributions separately, choose any username and (optionally) request your own passkey to be sent to your email address. Using a passkey earns extra bonus points.

If you seeing your own stats separately isn't important to you, you can use the following:

Username: ionomy
Passkey: f73df03c6393574df73df03c6393574d

When you're setting up the app, use the sliders to choose how much or how little computer power you contribute.

Stay tuned for updates on ionomy's outreach efforts to interrupt the pandemic.

Stay safe! And start folding@home!