Check out ionomy's fresh new look!

  • Exchange-focused landing pages
  • Discover ionomy PRO trader benefits
  • Powered by ION
  • Create tokens on Atomic Token Protocol

Exchange focused

The new ionomy 4.0 landing pages now prominently feature the ionomy Exchange, a central platform in the ION ecosystem.

Introducing ionomy PRO

Serious traders love lower fees and exclusive perks. ionomy PRO makes it easy to get consistent advantages. Pick your tier and get PRO status automatically based on your ION Sharenodes (IONsx) and ATOMS balances. The more you hold, the better the perks.

ION inside

The redesign showcases the central functions of ION within the ecosystem and a dedicated “What is ION” page explains how it all works.

Create tokens on ATP

ionomy 4.0 celebrates integration of the Atomic Token Protocol (ATP), including Dark Matter (XDM), ATOMS, and Electrons (ELEC). Now anyone can create their own tokens.

Preview ionomy 4.0 beta

The 4.0 beta site previews what ionomy is working on and is updated as new content and features are finalized. With so much more happening behind the scenes, it's just a taste of what's to come.

The platform updates include two parts:

  • The visual interface you use to access your ionomy account, manage funds, and trade.
  • The backend trading engine and systems that power ionomy Exchange.

The goals are twofold: improved user experience and increased scalability. This ensures a consistently great exchange experience and snappy performance so you can get that trade entered at the crucial moment.

You're gonna love the improved trading interface. And get ready for a massive upgrade to the new ionomy trading engine. Vrooom!


Total redesign isn't the only thing that's going on. Check out where ionomy's heading by visiting the updated development roadmap.