Are you holding at least 200 HIVE on the ionomy platform? If not, you may want to consider adding some to your bag right now. Why? This Friday, April 3, ionomy will take a snapshot (time TBD) of all HIVE on the platform, and anyone with at least 200 HIVE will be eligible for a share of 40,000 IONSX that will be airdropped!

The HIVE community has proven to be a wonderful addition to ionomy. Airdrops are especially good news in such a challenging time. The IONSX airdrop is a great way to thank the team behind HIVE for making ionomy the first exchange to support their new asset.

Those holding HIVE on the ionomy platform should stay on the lookout for more airdrops! Expect announcements shortly.

Sharenodes: an asset that pays

If you are not already aware, IONSX is the Sharenode for ION. This means that it is a unique and tradeable asset that also pays a proportional share of masternode rewards on a regular basis. That's passive income with no minimum!

Sharenodes are an ionomy exclusive that can be obtained now at the ionomy Exchange.

Stablecoins - the new standard in crypto

As the crypto universe grows and evolves, there is constant innovation to make better coins, tokens, blockchains and currencies. The ascedency of stablecoins is a response to the often repeated complaint about crypto volatility. Stablecoins peg their value to another currency in order to reduce price fluctuations.

The ionomy Exchange recently added the STEEM and HIVE assets, which provide incentivization for quality publishing. Now, thanks in part to the enthusiasm around those additions, ionomy has added the stablecoins that accompany each of those assets.


HIVE is a recent fork from the Steemit publishing project. Despite the asset's newness, the HIVE ecosystem already includes a stablecoin known as HBD. The reduced volatility of the stablecoin gives an additional option for those who seek to have a more convenient path to fiat from HIVE.


Even after the fork, the popularlity of STEEM trading on the ionomy Exchange has been notable. It was only natural then that the STEEM stablecoin should come along as well. SBD provides all of the convenience and predictability of a stabelcoin, while allowing a smooth gateway in and out of STEEM.