ionomy Exchange is offering another aidrop to HIVE holders!

40,000 ION Sharenodes (IONSX)

The airdrop will take place Friday, April 10th, 5pm Eastern.


Accounts must hold at least 300 HIVE to be eligible for the airdrop.

Accounts with a balance over 10,000 HIVE will get the same amount as accounts with exactly 10,000 HIVE.

For balances between 300 and 10,000 HIVE, the more HIVE you hold, the more IONSX you'll get.

The snapshot for account balances will be taken at some unspecified time on Friday, April 10th before the airdrop.

The IONSX you receive will not be spendable or tradeable for seven days. That means that users will also accrue ION in their accounts every day because Sharenodes distribute pooled masternode rewards!

What are Sharenodes?

Sharenodes are the most liquid, flexible, and cost effective way to earn shared masternode rewards:

  • Buy and sell any quantity.
  • Compound gains daily.
  • No hosting contract.
  • 2% on pooled masternode earnings goes to ionomy Exchange.

Celebrating the HIVE community

This airdrop is part of an ongoing celebration of the partnership between ionomy Exchange and the HIVE community.