ionomy platform welcomes HIVE and WGR Sharenode trading.

  • All Sharenode trading is commission free for a limited time!
  • All HIVE trading is commission free for a limited time!

HIVE/BTC trading pair

HIVE is the new Steem fork for an independent, decentralized publishing platform.

ionomy is no stranger to the use of crypto as an incentive. Just as ION incentivizes gaming, HIVE brings similar strategies to bear in publishing. The HIVE team is comprised of crypto and publishing industry veterans who have a well-known track record of success. Content generators are rewarded by their readers and peers (in HIVE crypto) for information that is disseminated at a higher standard. Say goodbye to 'fake news.'

ionomy is proud of the example set by the HIVE community in their uncompromising commitment to independence.

HIVE community fork is scheduled to take place Friday, March 20th, 10:00 A.M. Eastern. The market will open shortly after on the ionomy Exchange.

Special welcome to HIVE

As part of a special welcome, BTC/HIVE trading will be commission free for a limited time.

Plus, stay tuned for information on airdrops to accounts that hold HIVE on the ionomy platform.

Zero Commission Sharenode Promo

Sharenodes are an amazing asset. Holders get paid a proportional share of masternode rewards without having to maintain all the collateral required for a full masternode. Even better, Sharenodes are a tradeable asset, giving holders more options and more control.

The ionomy platform has upgraded all ION and WGR Hosted Masternodes to Sharenodes.

Sharenodes are the most liquid, flexible, and cost effective way to earn shared masternode rewards:

  • Buy and sell any quantity.
  • Compound gains daily.
  • Enjoy no lock-in or hosting contract.
  • Pay just 2% on your earnings.

ionomy is now offering Sharenodes at a 1:1 exchange ratio while supplies last. Trading commissions on Sharenodes have also been eliminated for the next 30 days.

Enjoy daily rewards and flexible collateral management with Sharenodes — an ionomy exclusive.

Oracle Rewards on Wagerr Sharenodes

Wagerr masternode operators don't just earn masternode rewards. They also earn Oracle Rewards based on the volume of betting on the network. Until now, you had to own 25,000 WGR to partake. Sharenodes puts Oracle Rewards within reach for everyone. So if you've got some WGR sitting around, send it in, buy some Wagerr Sharenodes (WGRSX), and enjoy the benefits!