The ION Core Coin Development Team is on the verge of releasing a new ION wallet. The team is completing technical documentation to address the new feature set.

This release is primarily for testing on testnet, but can also be tested on mainnet, though with limited functionality.

This release is not a hard fork. Instead, it helps prepare for the upcoming hard fork. The most recent stable release will continue to work fine for masternodes, staking, and network transactions.

What does this mean for me?

If you want to participate in testing, you may want to download the new release. Otherwise, you do not need to make any changes.

  • Masternode and staking rewards will continue as usual.
  • The latest mainnet client release will continue to work as it has.

Want to test?

Stay tuned for release links and testnet instructions. Community testing helps identify problems early so that developers can address them before the main release.

Known limitations

This release is a necessary step on the way to the hard fork to the full Dash rebase.

  • The new release cannot be used to set up new masternodes compatible with the rebase to Dash.

Additional capabilities will be introduced to the client with the hard fork.

Beta software

This is a beta release. It is not meant for production. If you choose to test this software on mainnet, please use it on a wallet that does not have mainnet coins except for amount of coins you need to use for testing purposes.

Security tip

To secure your coins, always backup your private key for any public address before you receive coins.

Stay Tuned

When the release is available on GitHub, another email will include links to the release and related documentation.