With its imminent release, let's recap XDM tokenomics and utility. Plus, masternode stats and Sharenode trading.

DarkMatter (XDM): a quick review

XDM is about to go live, which means it’s time to review the features and use of this remarkable asset. DarkMatter (XDM) is the first token on the ION blockchain. It has a limited supply of 71,000 and a deflationary protocol that causes a portion of the the transaction fee to be delete from circulation. The transaction fee is dynamic, beginning at the relatively high figure of 0.1x for the first ten thousand transactions and going down incrementally after every additional ten thousand XDM transactions. As the fee decreases, there is added incentive for more transactions. More transactions means more downward pressure on the total supply, which concentrates network value across a shrinking number of tokens. These baked-in features make XDM a superior store of value.

A useful store of value

The other important thing to remember about XDM is its utility proposition. XDM is an integral part of the Atomic Token Protocol (ATP) which allows users to make permissionless and immutable tokens that are embedded in the ION blockchain. Every time a user wants to create a new ATP token, it is necessary for them to spend XDM. Tokens on the ION blockchain can be used for any purpose, from in-game economies (incorporating ionomy’s GameGrid network) to fundraising mechanisms to verification systems (see the POTX protocol coming soon to ionomy). Every time one of these use cases becomes a reality, there are XDM transactions, which means fee burning and concentration of value.

ION masternodes continue to perform.

Thanks to our friends at masternode.buzz for the stats!

Sharenodes: a tradeable asset that pays

It's been just over a year since ionomy introduced Sharenodes, an asset that pays the owner proportional shares of masternode rewards AND is also tradeable on the ionomy Exchange. Since their introduction, Sharenodes have been remarkably popular. Come check out the trading at the exchange, where anyone can purchase this popular and rewarding asset.