GameGrid moves to public beta testing 🧪and the ionomy Exchange turns one year old 🎂

GameGrid is nearly here; currently in beta testing.

On October 23, 2019, GameGrid went into limited public beta testing, allowing people outside the development team to start creating tournaments.

GameGrid gives game developers enterprise-level account controls, and is also simple enough for independent projects.

Now virtually anyone can incorporate crypto tournaments into existing games. By using leaderboards, and brackets for head-to-head action, game developers can use GameGrid to incentivize adoption and reward top players.

Integration of the new GameGrid platform will also bring improvements to existing games from ionomy Studios, including Offroad Heat, Crypto Gravity, and TMOB (The Moon or Bust), resulting in a better competition and tournament experience. Also, the new GameGrid architecture keeps core game logic off of local devices, making it impossible to cheat.

ionomy Exchange — one year anniversary

A little over a year ago, the ionomy Exchange debuted with the release of ionomy 3.0. Since its inception, the exchange has grown with more BTC pairings and the list now includes:

  1. ION
  2. LTC (Litecoin)
  3. DASH
  4. PIVX
  5. ATOM
  6. XDM (DarkMatter)
  7. SLX (Slate)
  8. MNP (MasternodesPro)
  9. WGR (Wagerr)

ionomy plans to add more assets to that list shortly. Two of the above items, ATOM and XDM, deserve special mention because they are currently exclusive to the ionomy Exchange.

Speaking of exclusive trading pairs, ionomy’s Sharenodes are an asset like no other. Not only are they tradable like cryptocurrency, but they also pay a proportional share of masternode rewards without the need to own an entire masternode. ION Sharenodes (IONSX) are currently paired with ION and BTC on the ionomy Exchange. PIVX and DASH Sharenodes are also available.

And, did you know…
All markets on the ionomy Exchange are now available for inspection even if you don’t have an account. Come by and check out the pro-level environment complete with easy navigation and customizable charting by TradingView.