IIP 6 has been adopted, which means deflation is coming to ION! Also, GameGrid launch is imminent, plus a new game release from ionomy Studios.

IIP 6 has been adopted

The votes have been counted and the community has chosen to adopt ION Improvement Protocol #6. Thank you to everyone who participated. IIP 6 will bring a bunch of exciting changes that increase and improve ION’s value proposition AND use cases.

The most significant change will be the incorporation of deflationary tokenomics into the ION blockchain. Upon full implementation of the IIP, block rewards will be significantly reduced, and ION transaction fees will be subject to distribution and deflationary destruction. Right away this will significantly slow inflation. Eventually this protocol will lead to deflation of the total ION supply.

Value concentration will also be encouraged through of the brand new POTX use case. Proof of Transaction (POTX) is a verification and validation protocol where all platform transactions are verified by a corresponding POTX transaction, generating an indelible receipt embedded in the ION blockchain.

POTX will be available for 3rd party use and, upon implementation of IIP 6, will be used to verify all ionomy platform transactions. The value concentration occurs because POTX requires ION fees, which then get distributed and burned. This means that ionomy, as a POTX user, will be paying (and destroying) those ION fees.

GameGrid is right around the corner

The GameGrid platform is nearly ready for beta testing! GameGrid provides a flexible API that lets game developers integrate crypto tournaments into existing games. There is no other product on the market that can make this claim. GameGrid has been built to work for everyone, from the indie dev to the corporate game studio. It allows developers to interact with the API on their terms. With enterprise level control, GameGrid users can create and tweak leaderboards and bracket tournaments with settings for time of competition, as well as users’ geolocation and device. Features can be previewed in the sandbox free of charge.

GameGrid: #ChangeYourGame

Get your motor runnin’

To celebrate the launch of GameGrid, ionomy Studios will soon release Quick Shift, a drag racing game where you can win real crypto.

Get ready to pimp your ride and stay tuned for the Quick Shift release date.

Just over the horizon

The development never stops with team ionomy! Now that the Atomic Token Protocol (ATP) is live, the next step is an electron wallet that allows token configuration right from the wallet interface. The builds are coming along nicely with intensive testing of all custodial and ATP functions. Look for more updates soon an electron wallet development.

Also, as announced in ionomy's recent Youtube Live video, ION will be rebasing to the DASH protocol for even better stability and security. It’s a big step that will allow the ION blockchain to continue its growth and development plans well into the future.