With version 4.0 and Atomic Token Protocol, the ION blockchain now has the capacity for tokens! Dark Matter and ATOM assets are the first native tokens on the ION blockchain. From there it's your turn! Let your imagination run wild and create a token of your own.

Onward and upward with ION 4.0

On Monday, September 16, 2019, the ION blockchain underwent a successful hard fork. This ushers in the era of tokens, including XDM and ATOM assets on the blockchain. As soon as XDM withdrawal is activated on ionomy, anyone will be able to mint their own tokens.

The hard fork is complete and the Atomic Token Protocol (ATP) is live!

If you are ready to configure your tokens, ION is ready for you! For now, all token management is through the command line interface (CLI), so the recommended procedure is to get comfortable with the new token commands on testnet first, then splash out on mainnet.

ION Electron App – more than a wallet

Wallet integration is on the way, allowing you to track and manage your assets with clarity and accuracy. The developers are using a new core framework (Electron and Node.js) to deliver a modern app that can grow with the ION gaming ecosystem. It incorporates the Atomic Token Protocol making token configuration and management easy right from the wallet. The explorer is being updated, too, and will offer token monitoring.

XDM Apocalypse

With the ATP protocol going live, XDM has been created as a token on the ION blockchain. Not only has it been created, the first batch of DarkMatter has been destroyed!

Just after the already-microscopic supply of XDM was minted on the ION blockchain, about 27% of that supply was melted out of existence. See ya! The ionomy team has a serious deflation infatuation.

ATOM if you want ’em

With the full activation of ATP also came the minting of ATOM tokens. This one is special. ATOM is an asset that pays tribute to the longevity and strength of the ION blockchain. While ATOM has been trading at the ionomy exchange for some time, it was only as a ledger item. Now the ATOM will be set free with incredible attributes: XDM airdrops and regular XDM fee distribution. Hooray for ATOM!

xION — Time to say goodbye

Now that the hard fork is complete we are ready to close the book on xION. If you are currently holding any of ION’s abrogated privacy token, now is the time to spend it. ION developers are making some big moves, so please spend your xION by November 30th, 2019!