ION 4.0 release is live! This upgrade requires a hard fork. ION 4.0 adds tokens and allows spending of xION v2. For easiest upgrade, download today.

New daemon; new Qt wallet

  • ION Core has released a new daemon and a new Qt wallet.
  • Download the 4.0 daemon and/or Qt wallet. Upgrade your core code to add the Atomic Token Protocol (ATP) and be ready for the ION fork.
  • Security first: Before you download the new wallet, save a copy of your current wallet.dat file in a secure, separate location to protect your assets.
  • Back it up: If you run a masternode, backup your masternode.conf file for operational continuity.

Fork Day

The fork is scheduled to occur on September 16, 2019 around midnight UTC (block 1,320,000).

Masternodes running on the old wallet will be incompatible with the new fork and will not generate valid rewards on the main chain. Update before the fork and issue the start command from your Qt wallet to continue earning rewards.

If you’re using a third party hosting service, follow their instructions. You may need to issue a start command from your updated Qt wallet.

Spend your v2 xION

If you hold any xION v2, spend it now! xION becomes spendable shortly after the fork, on September 16th.

All xION must be spent by November 30th.