Alchemy, ionomy’s multi-asset exchange, now lists MNPCoin (MNP) for trading, masternodes, and online wallets. Send your MNPCoin to your ionomy account and start a Masternode. Exchange your masternode rewards for BTC or trade up to another Masternode. Get started today at

MNPCoin has been developed by MasterNodesPro, a premier hosting, stats, and news site for masternode coins. MNP is accepted as payment for services on the platform and their network of affiliated websites. Developer teams for other masternode coins can spend MNP to cover listing and hosting costs. And masternode coin holders can use MNP to pay for masternode hosting, monitoring, and portfolio tracking.

If you’re interested in masternodes, you’ll want to keep an eye on for their growing expertise in the industry and major updates coming to the platform.

ionomy is delighted to partner with MasterNodesPro. Now, the ability to trade MNP Coin and easily host MNP masternodes on the same platform adds even more reasons to use and