Alchemy, ionomy’s multi-asset exchange, now lists Wagerr (WGR) for trading, masternodes, and online wallets. Send your WGR coin to your ionomy account and start a Masternode. Exchange your masternode rewards for BTC or trade up to another Masternode. Get started today at

WGR coin is the currency of the Wagerr network, developed to put safe, secure sports betting on an open blockchain. Over 25 million WGR have been bet using its decentralized, borderless protocol. And since a portion of each betting fee is burned, growing usage has a deflationary effect on the currency. So far the net supply has been reduced by half a million WGR. See the current stats for yourself on the Wagerr blockchain explorer.

Using a strong second layer network to process bets, WGR Masternode operators not only earn block rewards, but also win a portion of betting fees, enabling them to “be the house.” Now ionomy users, too, can enjoy one-click WGR masternodes for maximum ease of use as well as remote hosted masternodes for advanced users.

ionomy is delighted to partner with Wagerr and welcomes the Wagerr community to the ionomy platform.