Alchemy, ionomy’s multi-asset exchange, now lists SLATE Entertainment Currency (SLX) for trading. ionomy also hosts SLATE Masternodes and online wallets. Send your SLX to your ionomy account and start a Masternode. Exchange your Masternode rewards for BTC or trade up to another Masternode. Get started at

SLATE has been developed by the Slate Entertainment Group (SEG) to disrupt the Entertainment Industry. Their flagship service, BINGE™ is poised to take on Netflix with innovative BVOD ™ streaming video service. Blockchain Video on Demand uses decentralized technology to open global entertainment markets, reduce prices, and compensate creators fairly.

Slate Entertainment Group also introduces SLATIX, a ticketing platform that uses blockchain to cut out the middleman (we’re looking at you Fandango, Ticketmaster). SLATIX reduces ticketing costs, increases security, and makes ownership, transfer, and redemption easier and more reliable.

The ability to host SLATE Masternodes easily and trade SLX is just one more reason to use ionomy’s exchange.

And the reasons keep growing. More about that soon. Seriously, soon.