Low supply, hyper-deflationary asset.

The eye of the ION storm has passed, and darkness is upon us once again! But thankfully, ionomy researchers have discovered how to harness the concentrated levels of energy and light within, and channel it to a newly discovered token on the ION blockchain called “Dark Matter” (XDM).

Limited hard capped supply

Many coins have supply in the hundreds of millions and even billions, with high rates of inflation. These coins require continuous growth in demand in order to keep up with supply or they risk losing value. With neither sound monetary policy nor the utility to create sustained demand, they are destined to crash.

Dark Matter (XDM) is a different kind of token altogether. Instead of a large supply, only a small amount will ever exist: under 100k tokens. And instead of high inflation, XDM is intrinsically hyperdeflationary.

Burn, baby burn

Dark Matter is intrinsically deflationary at a protocol level, accounting for its primary source of value: the more transactions, the more supply removed.

With every transaction over the network, 10% of the transaction fee is distributed to ION masternodes and the rest is destroyed (burned). The fees start fairly high by digital currency standards, but adjust on a graduated scale over time as more XDM is transacted.

And by making ION masternodes yet more valuable, Dark Matter attracts even more buyers seeking the 20,000 ION necessary to operate a masternode.

Blockchain transparency

Dark Matter will be among the first Thunder tokens on the public ION blockchain, making it easy to verify its vanishing supply with every move. And users can obtain full control of their XDM tokens by withdrawing to a personal Thunder-enabled ION wallet.


There will be multiple ways to get your hands on Dark Matter:

  • 50% of the XDM token supply will be available through a crowdsale.
  • 47% of the XDM token supply will be distributed through airdrops to selected and voted coins and tokens.
  • 3% of the token supply will be allocated for adoption.

Specific details and pricing will be revealed in the announcements for each phase.

Just when you thought the Storm was over

The Dark Matter pre-sale countdown starts soon. XDM’s limited supply might go fast, so get ready!