Core advances support Power Grid with tokens riding on the ION blockchain.

Eye of the Storm
After five days of storm-like announcements, there seems to be a break in the weather. We’re in the eye of the storm. Today we have a calm, yet significant update on ION Core.

The ION “Core” Team is the hub of the ionomy Power Grid, and ION is the calm center around which so much activity revolves. Today, ionomy acknowledges and thanks the developers who maintain and improve IONcoin.

Decentralization of ION Core continues
The ionomy Team initially had considerable overlap with the coin development team. As both ionomy and ION have matured, developers in the community have stepped up to assume independent responsibility and initiative in ION coin development. The resulting team has proven itself more than capable.

In recognition of the team’s ability and the importance of decentralization, the official ION code repository (“repo”) is now also decentralized and resides under the care of Core. In the coming weeks the core code will migrate to its permanent location at

The ION repo features one of the most active gits in digital currency. New developers continue to join the ION developer community, attracted by opportunities to make valuable contributions and earn handsome bounties in the company of an exciting developer community.

Core has grown in size and capacity. And they’ve delivered:

  • ION rebased as custom code with the latest Bitcoin as its base.
  • Stability update for Mac QT wallet.
  • Minor version update featuring signed Qt and daemon binaries for all platforms.
  • Android mobile wallet released on the Google Play Store.

ION Core at the center of the Power Grid
ION Core remains at the center of the ION economy, even as the developer team grows increasingly independent of ionomy. The expanded effort in development of Core supports ionomy Power Grid services, as fresh advancements in blockchain technology are integrated into ION. With a strong Core, the value of ION and services is raised. Gamers, game developers, and investors can all rely on its solid foundation.

Great things to come
The ION community has a lot to look forward to from Core:

  • Continuous updates to IONcoin, building on Bitcoin’s technological advances
  • Tokens on the ION blockchain:
    • Atoms
  • Thunder in-game currencies for premium games
  • Modern wallet that will leave the old Qt in the dust

The Storm rages on
Tomorrow the darkness of the Storm is expected to overtake the Power Grid, when ionomy introduces a newly discovered, mysterious element, the likes of which has never been seen.

Until then — Tweet, share, win.

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