ionomy Studios readies a moonshot, plugs in Lightning, rebuilds Gravity

Following the ionomy Storm campaign, a lot of the world has been hit by real world storms — including Harvey and Irma. Some of the ionomy team members were directly affected. Our thoughts are with those who are still recovering, especially the residents of the smaller islands that took direct hits from the Category 5 hurricane.

Despite the hit, we’ve kept moving forward. Thanks to a larger team of dedicated members, everyone above water was able to ensure that development stayed on target — when they weren’t out helping friends and family in need. There’s a lot going on at ionomy! Here’s just a taste.

The Moon or Bust (TMoB): Private alpha in transport to the launch pad

The team has been testing ionomy Studio’s newest game in internal alpha and we’re stoked to put it into the hands of ionomy community members for private alpha testing. Join our Slack to request an invite to the private channel. Don’t fret if you can’t join the alpha; wider beta testing is just around the corner.


Objective: Get to the moon. First one there wins an astronomical prize!

Lightning API

Lightning services enable game developers to integrate’s suite of services to take advantage of the benefits of the ION economy, with enhanced revenue sharing, self sustaining tournaments, and play incentives.

Based on Crypto Gravity’s proven integration with, the Lightning API is built from the bottom up to be fast, secure, and thorough. High speeds improve the gaming experience. Security is paramount for linking games to accounts and includes extensive scoring validation. The data rich Lightning API lets developers access fine-grained details about in-game behavior to debug and improve games.

Since gamers love the multi-platform coherence and purchase discounts, and come back every week to win more ION, Lightning integration makes good business sense for many game developers.

Gravity de novo
ionomy Studios is rebuilding Gravity from the bottom up. The next release will feature new worlds, one for newcomers, and one for advanced players. World Zero is a fun training ground to onramp new players. World Two adds the intensity that world travellers demand. The new Gravity has a store of goods that make gameplay even more fun. And the new reward structure lets more players win every week.

Heads up

We’ll be back in your feed again next week with more updates and progress reports on Alchemy, Dark Matter, ION Core, and Spark.

Plus, we’ve got an exciting promo in the works. Spoiler alert: It’s not the Super Bowl. We’re so psyched about it! We think you will be, too.

The ionomy Team