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Roadmap tour

The first thing you will notice about the new Roadmap is that we are now providing three lanes of information. You can now get information about the blockchain, the platform, and the gaming enterprise all in one place. It’s a lot to take in, so let’s explore a

Crypto Gravity returns

The game that started it all now makes a triumphant return as ionomy Studios proudly announces the release of Crypto Gravity 2.0 on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Lead character Grav returns to confront deadly robots and jump his way through a maze of challenges as he

Masternode Hosting as low as $5/month

ionomy is quickly becoming the destination for masternode communities because the platform integrates trading, hosting, and custody services. Now, better pricing makes the platform even more appealing. Masternode hosting costs have been reduced by 50%. That means that with an ionomy subscription, hosting is just five dollars a month. An

Wagerr hosting promo

ionomy is proud to announce a special promotion for anyone seeking to set up a new Wagerr masternode. By following the link below, anyone who activates a new WGR masternode will receive three months of free hosting. That’s a $30 value! ionomy has an integrated exchange, making it a

ION block reward revised

With the implementation of an ION Improvement Proposal (IIP #3: Revised block reward schedule), the ION block reward schedule has been updated to account for a network that is larger and more active than what was envisioned when the White Paper was published in 2016. At about the same time