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Prediction 2020

First ionomy Exchange prediction market! US Presidential Election $BUSD markets are live Who do YOU think will win the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election? Buy $BIDEN2020 token to predict a Biden Win. If Joe Biden wins, redeem BIDEN2020 for 1 $BUSD. BIDEN 2020Buy $TRUMP2020 token to predict a Trump Win.

Ravencoin $RVN Live

New listing! $RVN trading pairs with $BTC $ETH $ION. Trade now on ionomy Exchange. TRADE RVNGet a free secure mobile RVN wallet with your ionomy account. About Ravencoin:Ravencoin is a free & open source project & fairly mined (POW) blockchain. Users can issue and control utility, game & securities

ionomy 4.0 preview

Check out ionomy's fresh new look! Exchange-focused landing pages Discover ionomy PRO trader benefits Powered by ION Create tokens on Atomic Token Protocol Exchange focused The new ionomy 4.0 landing pages now prominently feature the ionomy Exchange, a central platform in the ION ecosystem. Introducing ionomy PRO Serious traders

Dark Matter Token Live

Dark Matter on the ION blockchain is live Withdrawals and deposits active on ionomy Exchange. The Atomic Token Protocol (ATP) revolution begins! Withdrawals and deposits ionomy Exchange has activated Dark Matter (XDM) withdrawals and deposits, so users can now transfer their XDM token balance to an ION blockchain wallet. Don't

Mine and Trade Electron Tokens

Electron [ELEC] is the Proof of Work (PoW) token on the ION blockchain. Mine Electrons Trade ELEC on ionomy Exchange Electrons (ELEC) — the mining reward token When miners direct computational power to the ION blockchain, they are rewarded in Electron tokens. With the release of ION 5, Proof of Work