The new Buy ION feature lets you get in on the action without an account

Steady growth and development has been attracting greater interest in ION, driving up the price to over $0.40 on exchange. Today ionomy responds to the growing demand by making it even easier to get, with a new feature we’re calling “Buy ION.” It lets users swap BTC and alts even without an account.

What’s been happening to generate all the buzz? A lot! In mid February, the ionomy Team introduced major improvements to ION’s core code. In late February, ION began trading on the Bittrex exchange. In March, ionomy Studios debuted Crypto Gravity on iOS and Android. Also in March, the ionomy Team redesigned the platform and introduced two major features.

Crypto Cards are a new asset that upgrade Staker APRs and produce in-game electrons and lives, making them valuable for both investors and gamers playing Crypto Gravity.

The other big splash is Masternode Hosting, eliminating the technical barriers to running a masternode, and making it easy for investors to earn the maximum profits available in the ionomy.

With ION now trading on the Bittrex exchange, the trading world has started to take notice. And today presents a crypto friendly response to the increasing demand: anyone with an ION wallet address can swap their BTC (and over 30 altcoins!) for ION — no or exchange account necessary.

This convenient new service provides a real time price based on the current market value for the amount you request. The price quote is provided for up to 2500 ION and is valid for 15 minutes. Thirty-five different cryptocurrencies can be swapped for ION.

To use this feature, all you need is an ION wallet address. If you don’t have one yet, you can download the official ION wallet. Hosted Bitcoin and ION wallets are also included when you sign up for a free account on the platform.

If you thought February and March were exciting, wait until you see the rest of April, and May, and, oh, we could go on… And we will!

Buying ION is now easier than ever! Just go to, select “Buy ION,” and turn your BTC and Altcoins into ION. That’s it! Get staking or build to a masternode for maximum rewards. No login, no verification, just ION delivered directly to your wallet in minutes.