We are pleased to open our Hosted ION Masternode service to the public. Now users at all levels of technical expertise can enjoy stress-free masternode management.

The Masternode Hosting Service includes DDoS protection to reduce threat of network attack, and monitoring scripts to auto start or restart in case of any problem. Rest assured ionomy is monitoring your masternode for maximum earnings!

Also included are these user friendly features:

  • Masternodes dashboard (under “services”) – deploy new masternodes in a matter of minutes with just a few clicks.
  • Stats of your daily earnings in your local currency.
  • Auto Scraping – set a custom address to receive earnings, such as a staking wallet.
  • History page showing all your earnings and activity.

And all of this comes with the same robust security as your ionomy.com wallet!

At only $8.99 per month (5% off with subscription), it’s a great value. The fee can be paid automatically from your ionomy account in either ION or BTC – it’s that easy.

More questions? Head over to our Hosted Masternode FAQ for more details.

Looking for specific guidance or help? Contact [email protected] or join us in the #help_and_support channel on ionomy slack and talk with one of our support staff or helpful community members.

Stand by for more exciting ionomy.com platform updates soon!

Beta testers are already raving, one verified hosted masternode user stated:

“This is a game changer. Affordable secure hosting alone makes this a great value, and even includes DDoS protection. Setup is fast and easy. Autoscrape to my staking wallet maximizes the chances for everyreward to count so I can build to another node. Although I loved tinkering with the technicals when I was running masternodes on my own, I won’t miss it. It’s a relief to know that I don’t have to wake up and make sure my masternode is still running every the morning. The scripts take care of all that. Can you imagine when there’s an ION code update I’m gonna have a smile on my face while everyone else is scrambling because ionomy will handle the upgrade. Ahh!”