Sweet partnership drives Gravity play and ION adoption

Imagine what would happen if ionomy Studios developed a partnership with a company that could promote games to hundreds of thousands of active users per month.

Also imagine what would happen if that partner company adopted ION as a currency to incentivize their mobile users to perform promotional tasks for all their customers?

Well, imagine no longer: That’s all going to happen! ionomy is partnering with CakeCodes, the visionary advertising company that built the mobile app, BitMaker.

BitMaker is an app that allows users to earn cryptocurrency by participating in brand awareness promotions. Users simply browse available tasks, download the featured app, and perform the actions required to earn bitcoin micropayments.

Many of the available tasks involve games, creating a perfect match for ION Studios’ suite of crypto enabled titles. But where does ION and ionomy actually fit in?

BitMaker campaign drives Gravity adoption
CakeCodes’ new campaign rewards BitMaker users for downloading and playing Crypto Gravity. We love this BitMaker campaign because BitMaker users are exactly the kind of people who will be really psyched to discover ionomy Studios. They already do simple tasks for crypto. Now users can win tournaments every week for big prizes just for playing. We give them a great experience of ION and a taste of the ION economy, too.

CakeCodes’ new ION payouts grow ION adoption
Until now, BitMaker users had only two payout choices: BTC or ETH. Now they can choose ION payouts — at an advantage! It’s great news that CakeCodes is adopting ION as an official payout currency. What’s even better is that their user base, too, gets to experience the value and benefits of holding and using ION — especially if they play Crypto Gravity.

The synergy is positively sexy. Picture BitMaker users choosing ION payouts so they can compete in the tournaments to win ION. And Gravity is just the beginning of ionomy Studios’ line of games. We can extend this partnership to every game released.

BitMaker and ionomy have pretty hot chemistry, too. The BitMaker team really gets gamification. That fits perfectly with ionomy’s focus on an incentivized economy. The result is another win-win situation.

Stick around! Win more through this sweet new partnership with CakeCodes.