Stay alert for new wallet release so you can update ASAP

Over the previous week a vulnerability in the ION blockchain has been systematically exploited. In response to this attack, the ionomy team, in concert with ION community developers, has been updating the code to mitigate and block the attack, and to correct the vulnerability.

This requires a hard fork and a rollback of the blockchain. Testing for the new wallet is currently under way and a release candidate is nearing completion. We will post another update with more details about the attack, outlining the steps we’ve taken to protect and improve the blockchain going forward.

In the meantime, we have taken measures to mitigate the harm from this attack. At our request, Bittrex suspended deposits. All wallet functions, including the “Buy ION” feature, have also been suspended. Any pending transactions or purchases will be credited when the maintenance and updates are complete.

Thank you for your patience. Please bear with us while we finalize the releases. Please remain alert for our next message so you can update as soon as the new ION wallet is ready.


The ionomy team