New wallet available

The ION Core Developer Team has released a new wallet. This is a mandatory upgrade resulting in a hard fork of the network:

Download Wallet

Update your masternodes

If you run masternodes, you must update your remote daemons and local Qt wallet to the new code. Once updated, issue commands to restart your masternodes.

How to activate masternodes

Hard fork coming

The network will take a hard fork on approximately February 13th, midnight GMT. While we recommend that masternode operators upgrade immediately, all ION users must upgrade to the new wallet by February 13th.


The new wallet contains significant security and functionality upgrades. This update introduces a powerful new zerocoin privacy protocol (xION v2). Users will now be able to stake xION and backup their xION by recording their seed and keeping it in a safe place (similar to backing up a private key for ION).

The visual layout of the ION Qt wallet has also undergone a near-complete overhaul and new commands have been introduced. See release notes for complete details.


  • Upgrade now and restart your masternodes to keep earning rewards.
  • All users must upgrade by February 13th, even if you're not running masternodes.