All spending on the ionomy platform now drives demand for ION. ionomy still accepts payment in any currency, but now every payment in BTC gets converted to ION through market buys to complete the transaction.

We want ION!

ionomy chooses ION over all the other cryptocurrencies because it's the perfect gaming coin. ION is the key to ionomy’s mission: Changing the way games are made and played.

How it works

When you pay for a service on the ionomy platform, you have a choice to pay in BTC, ION, or any other crypto the platform supports. If you pay in ION, the ION is accepted as payment in full with no additional fees. When you pay with any other currency, ionomy automatically converts your crypto to ION by buying ION at market price on the ionomy exchange.

What it means

Increased liquidity

As the volume of purchasing activity on the ionomy platform grows, adoption translates to growing volume of market buy orders of ION. That leads to increased liquidity and a better market experience.

Seamless user experience.

The transaction will be handled seamlessly in the background, so it’s as convenient as ever. There may be a slight price advantage to paying in ION because there’s no commission charged for buying ION from the market.


For each purchase made on ionomy in a denomination other than ION, a corresponding ION “market buy” order will be visible in the user’s transaction history. For example, if you pay for masternode hosting service in BTC, your account displays the exchange commission for the corresponding market order.