Major infrastructure and security upgrades have been completed. All systems are now online and functioning normally.

While the monkeys were under-the-hood tinkering, they added some system enhancements — originally planned for later — in preparation for the upcoming re-launch.

Required action: reset your password

The security upgrades required all users to reset their password. If you have not reset your password yet, please do so now. Beneath the login prompt, click “Forgot my password,” enter your email, then check your email for the link.

If you cannot log in, please reset your password (even if you have reset within the last few days). If you did not receive a password reset email before, you should now be able to receive the password email now. When resetting your password, you will receive a temporary password. As a best practice, be sure to change the temporary password issued to you as soon as you log in.

If your account is locked or banned, please wait 1 hour, reset your password and attempt the login again.

Should you experience any issues don’t hesitate to contact [email protected].

Ensuring your account safety is ionomy’s top priority.

These important security improvements are essential in light of recently exposed vulnerabilities. The Spectre and Meltdown attacks affect nearly all computers and phones around the world. So, in addition to securing your account, please be sure to update all your personal devices.

Many of the upgrades just implemented are behind the scenes. Stay tuned for major front end changes, too, as ionomy rolls out components of the PWR-GRD. ionomy’s PWR-GRD enables game developers to easily incorporate the ION coin into their titles and “plug in” to the ionomy ecosystem. We can’t wait to show you why ionomy is The Business of Fun.