ionomy is taking the show on the road to Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2018 in San Francisco.

Presenting PWR-GRD at world's largest professional game industry event
The ionomy team is exhibiting at the 2018 Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco from March 21-23. And on Thursday, March 22, ionomy presents a workshop on the fundamentals of monetization with PWR-GRD. The team will introduce ionomy’s powerful developer tools for freemium and premium games, demonstrate games already leveraging the ION economy, and discuss use cases for game developers.

At the workshop, game developers can discover the advantages of offering ION digital currency incentives to gamers; study working examples and potential use cases; and gain an understanding of how digital currency integration can open game economies.

Booth showcasing PWR-GRD and latest games
ionomy is hosting a booth at GDC. Developers can test drive ionomy Studios games and talk directly to the team about how easily they can integrate monetization tools into new and existing games.

Win ION cryptocurrency
Every week, ionomy Studios hosts tournaments with cash prizes in ION. During the conference, ionomy Studios is hosting a special tournament just for GDC attendees. Developers can play ionomy Studios newest game, “The Moon or Bust” and compete to win ION. They’ll experience for themselves how fun and easy the PWR-GRD makes it to enter the world of digital currency.

Capture growing interest in digital currency

Interest in Bitcoin and digital currency has surged. But while cryptocurrency promises to be the future of money, getting started hasn’t been easy until now. Playing games is a fun and familiar way to wet one’s feet. So when game developers add the ION advantage to their games, they tap into a growing audience of motivated players.

Visit ionomy at Booth #2122, South Hall, Moscone Center.

Hope to see you there!
The ionomy Team

ionomy PWR-GRD: The easy onramp for monetizing games with blockchain

Digital currency based on blockchain technology is revolutionizing gaming economics. The programmable blockchain enables self-governing, decentralized networks that substantially lower costs and increase reliability, while empowering users. ionomy fosters a rich, developer-friendly ecosystem using cryptocurrency to incentivize rapid growth and reduce costs. ionomy lets game developers easily integrate monetary incentives that attract and retain gamers.

ionomy designed the PWR-GRD to let game developers focus on what they do best: making games. Developers can embed cryptocurrency in games simply by plugging into the APIs. With PWR-GRD, developers tap into an audience of motivated gamers eager to play and earn crypto.