ionomy partners with Rekall Games, creators of the popular mobile fighting game, "Rumble Arena."

Rekall is redesigning Rumble Arena to include multiplayer head-to-head competitive tournaments with cash prizes powered by ionomy Lightning. Gamers can compete cross-platform to win ION and Bitcoin.

Rumble Arena (on iOS and Android) is the first multiplayer fighting game on mobile, and the first third party game to integrate ionomy’s Lightning API.

The freshly redesigned Rumble Arena debuts this summer.

ionomy Lightning adds compelling replayability

Lightning is part of the ionomy PWR-GRD, a suite of services designed to help game developers monetize their games and make gameplay even more fun and compelling.

By connecting game accounts to the ionomy platform, Lightning facilitates regular tournaments with cash payouts in ION and Bitcoin to top competitors.

Another perfect partnership

Rumble Arena already has a strong fan base, and ionomy is excited to help Rekall Games’ fans get into ION in the funnest and easiest way. ionomy is also pleased to introduce it’s dedicated gamer community to the creative ingenuity of Rekall.

The partnership is yet another win for ionomy. Rumble Arena is a perfect title to showcase deep integration with ionomy PWR-GRD: digital currencies like Bitcoin and ION are the future of money, and monetized gameplay using ionomy PWR-GRD services is the future of gaming.

Jump in and discover the fun of Rumble Arena, the genius of ionomy powered blockchain technology, and the power of ION-connected games.

There’s a lot more exciting news this year, so get ready to celebrate. And get ready to rumble!