As we close in on the ICO opening date, we would first like to acknowledge and thank everybody who has assisted us in getting to this point. There are far too many to name in a single blog entry, but to all of you, thank you.

The ION ICO will open Monday, April 4th 2016 through May 16, 2016. Initial offering price will be $0.20 USD. A total of 5 million ION have been allocated to the ICO. The ion will be sold in blocks of 400,000 with progressive pricing increases of $0.01 USD implemented every week, the final week of the ico will have an additional 100,000 ion available for a total of 500,000 at $0.25

All ICO coins will be delivered after the close of the coin offering on May 16.

For more information about the ionomy platform and how ion is used, please visit Users with technical or customer service related inquiries, please contact [email protected].

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